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Do it yourself moving

If you are looking to cut costs while moving, do-it-yourself moving is definitely an easy way to save money. Even though do-it-yourself moving is cheaper, you pay for it through all the work that you now have to do yourself. Moving yourself also allows you the convenience of moving at your own speed.

Things that should be considered when you choose to move yourself are physical health, packing, planning, truck rental, loading and unloading the truck and of course driving. You can however arrange with a group of friends and family members to be your crew for the day.

Plan, plan and plan some more. Be sure to plan every detail of your move, the weather, your crew and the loading and unloading process. The weather may not be as reliable as you want but weather forecasts will give you an idea of what to expect. Try moving on a day where the sun is not too hot or the weather is too damp. Remember to remind your friends and family about your move as the time draws nearer to ensure their availability. Having a plan for loading and off loading helps make the process as smooth, efficient and stress free as it possibly could be. It also ensures that things get done in a timely manner.

Do-it-yourself moving could encounter some safety issues. Be cautious and ensure the safety of the crew, your possessions and of course yourself. Make sure that your crew is physically able to load and unload the truck.

Use high quality boxes when packing as these are sturdier than the boxes you get from your local grocer. They also provide better security for your possessions. Don’t forget to purchase packing supplies. Pack smartly and label all boxes. Don’t over pack boxes. You want to make sure that your possessions arrive safely at their new location. Save your boxes when your moving is completed so you can use them again should the need arise.

During any type of move you must decide what you are willing to keep and what you are willing to give away. Since you are trying to cut costs, it would be wise to have a garage sale. From the money made, you could put it towards the rental of the truck therefore cutting cost by not having to use your own money to pay for that particular bill.

A week before your move you would need to make arrangements to rent the truck. You may have to make a deposit to ensure that your truck will be reserved for the day that you need it. Check the schedules of the rental companies to ensure that they shuttle trucks when you would need it. Gas for the truck should be added to your list of expenses.

One common mistake made by a lot of movers is the size of the rental truck. They are either rented too large or too small. The larger the truck the more likely you may need to hire a driver with a special license to drive it. Another option is using a pickup truck from a family member if you don’t have a lot of things to move.

Ensuring that you are able to drive the truck is crucial to your do-it-yourself moving. A truck is driven differently from a car. They are to be driven slower, they are top heavy and their braking distance is longer than that of a car. Trucks also have large blind spots therefore making proper use of the mirror mandatory to ensure safe operation. You must be cautious when changing lanes as well as being aware of obstacles such as over hangings that are not problematic for normal cars. Backing up can also be difficult.

When renting a truck make sure that it is specifically designed for moving household items. This should include a “walk board” which helps you load the truck, a side door in case access from the rear entrance is impossible, clean, hardwood flooring that will protect your furniture and walls that are equipped to “tie down” items while driving. “Dollies”, furniture pads, straps, hand trucks and boxes should be supplied to you to help you complete your move.

Check with your agent about insurance to see if you are covered by them during your move. Rental trucks may not be covered though auto policies make allowances for rental cars. You can purchase insurance through the rental agency although at times this may be not be as smooth and as pleasant as you may like it to be. This will cover the driver and people who are involved if an accident occurs as well as your items.

Persons should carry weight that is comfortable to them. Ensure that passages are clear from obstructions that may damage persons carrying items or the items themselves. There is a technique for lifting heavy boxes, where you stoop hold the box and stand again using the power of your legs. Try not to bend over with your back straight to lift heavy boxes as later on you could suffer from back injuries. When loading the truck make sure that heavier boxes are placed at the bottom. Use straps to ensure that all items are secure while the truck is moving.

For heavy items, make sure that enough people are helping with these so that no one person is left with all the strain of the object. When packing these items on the truck try to minimize the space as much as possible so that everything would be able to fit. If you are not sure how to pack these items ask a friend or family member that has moved already for some advice.

You may not have to pay your friends and family in cash but ensuring that they have a supply of cold beverages and something to eat will be enough to show them that you are thankful for their help. The best beverages are high energy beverages and there should be light snacks such as sandwiches. Beer and heavier meals should be avoided until after the move.